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Become a Rebirth Clinic Franchisee

Franchising With Rebirth

Rebirth is a Prestigious Worldwide Brand The Gold Standard of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine


For those seeking to join a rapidly growing industry alongside an award-winning global brand, we invite you to consider joining Rebirth. Rebirth is a trailblazer in regenerative medicine with clinics across four continents and mobile operations in more than 80 cities.


Rebirth is known for its main offerings, State-of-the-art stem cell therapies, High quality IV treatments, DNA Testing, The Svenson Chair, Advanced Cancer Care, Specialized Paralysis Surgery and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs


As a Rebirth Franchise owner, you will have access to all these products and treatments, giving you an abundance of options to help people and make money.  Are you ready to revolutionize the wellness industry and become a part of the prestigious Rebirth Clinic family? 

Booming Industry

Award Winning Global Brand

Proven Business Model With High Revenue

Ongoing Training & Support

Exclusive Product Access

Enjoy access to the proprietary range of Rebirth products at the wholesale level, as well as our range of high value referral treatments. Every Rebirth franchise owner is able to help people dealing with a wide range health and medical issues. 

Stem cells (MSC)

Rebirth Clinics’ core product is Stem Cell Services which includes three categories of treatments. These categories include services to treat local injuries, general Anti-Aging treatments, and treatments for serious illnesses and disease. 

DNA testing

With DNA Insights, you will be able to provide clients with a complete picture of their health, genetics and risk factors specific to them. In conjunction with Rebirth doctors, you will be able to tailor and recommend the most appropriate therapies to maximize the wellness of your patients. With DNA testing, your business will be able to embrace preventative medicine and precision nutrition. 

Cancer Care

Rebirth Franchise owners have access to world class cancer treatments at our internationally acclaimed cancer hospital. Our cancer center treats all types of cancer and all stages of cancer – In the event that one of your patients or their family members needs help battling cancer, you will be able to refer patients and get compensated. 

IV supplements

A range of vitamins, nutrients and medicines delivered directly to the bloodstream for maximum absorption and effectiveness. Including treatments for energy, Mood imbalance, addiction, brain functionality, Jet Lag, Hangovers, Immunity boosting, Anti-aging, skin health and more. 

Svenson Chair

Svenson Chair is a unique, money-making machine, proprietary medical device from Germany which automatically trains the coordination, function and strength of the Pelvic Floor Muscles and related muscles (Thighs, the muscles of the hipbone area and the glutes). Chair treatments are often used to treat urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, lower back pain, and to improve sexual performance in both men and women.

Spinal Cord Treatments

Rebirth Franchise owners have access to a groundbreaking paralysis surgery - Epidural Stimulation - The treatment is an advanced surgery available at the Rebirth Paralysis center for paraplegic and quadriplegic patients regain movement in their limbs. 

Rehabilitation Programs

Rebirth Franchise owners have access to a dedicated physical rehabilitation center with the latest Physical therapy equipment. The Rebirth rehabilitation program focuses on individualized routines for a range of physical rehabilitation needs, with 1-2 dedicated therapists/specialists per client (Typically rehab programs range from 6 week – 6 months). In addition, Rebirth franchise owners have access to brain stimulation and programs to help patients who have suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injuries and other degenerative conditions. 


Franchise Models


Clinic Enhancement Model

Ideal for healthcare professionals with existing facilities looking to expand their service offerings with Rebirth’s innovative treatments and technology. This model allows for seamless integration into your current operations, elevating your clinic’s capabilities. 


New Clinic Model

Designed for entrepreneurs passionate about setting up a dedicated facility. This model supports you from the ground up, helping you establish a fully functional, state-of-the-art healthcare facility under the Rebirth banner. 


Marketing Excellence

Every franchise gets powerful marketing support from the Rebirth head office. Our comprehensive campaigns are designed to elevate your branch’s visibility and attract a steady stream of new clientele.


Backed by Rebirth team’s seasoned marketing professionals, we craft tailored strategies to showcase your services and expertise including: Press Releases, Video content, Social Media promotion, SEO, Aaid Ads and Print Media. By joining the Rebirth Clinics family, you'll tap into vast customer demand from around the world through the Rebirth head office.


Our brand recognition and press coverage will give your business an instant boost in credibility and visibility. You'll benefit from our proven working model reinforced by our experienced team every step of the way. 

Training course

Comprehensive Training & Support

As a Rebirth Franchise owner, you will be given all the tools you need to succeed and thrive.


This includes effective training for the treatments and diagnostics you will offer in your clinic: Stem Cells, IV Therapies, DNA testing & The Svenson Chair.


It also includes support from the Rebirth Head office for all other therapies (Cancer Care, Spinal Cord Surgeries & Rehabilitation programs).


You will have confidence with all the Rebirth offerings and a dedicated team to give you ongoing support across all your operations. 

Rebirth Clinics' comprehensive training program will set you up for success.


We know the power of unified training, it is critical that every member of your team shares our vision and values. With our in depth training program you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as a Rebirth partner clinic.


Join Us in Revolutionizing Healthcare: 

Rebirth offers a unique franchise opportunity in the field of advanced regenerative medicine, healthcare and wellness. Investing in a Rebirth Clinic means more than just investing in a business. It’s investing in an established global brand that has marked itself as a leader in the field. As Rebirth continues to expand, we’re seeking individuals who possess both the interest and drive to join our family and share in our success. We welcome you to explore the possibilities with Rebirth - It’s not only good medicine, it’s good business.  


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