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Introducing the Svenson Lab, a clean room class 100 GMP certified laboratory, where Rebirth brings the gold standard in stem cell technology. Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled as we exclusively utilize fresh umbilical cord tissue for our stem cell production. Backed by scientific research, we can confidently say that fresh tissue outshines cryopreserved alternatives. With higher cell counts, superior recovery ratios, and faster growth attributes, our fresh stem cells set the benchmark for quality in the global market.

Umbilical Cord Tissue

At Rebirth, we exclusively use fresh umbilical cord tissue for the production of our stem cells. Fresh is considered superior to cryopreserved (frozen) tissue when harvesting stem cells, as highlighted in the Cytotherapy Journal, Volume 16, Issue 9. Frozen umbilical cord tissue yields lower cell counts, shows poor cell recovery ratios, and is shown to have slower growth attributes. The fresh stem cells we offer are the highest quality available in the global market today.

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Viroloty Testing.png

Screening and Testing

It is critical when selecting stem cell donors that a high level of scrutiny is involved during perinatal screening. The process at Rebirth is strenuous to ensure that all mothers involved are young with a good health profile. Additionally, all umbilical cord samples undergo several tests including Endotoxin-cell product, sterility testing, and virology.  All tests are in compliance with US FDA standards for clinical use of cells under an investigation for new drug approvals. Rebirth prioritizes the highest possible standards to provide our clients with safe and reliable stem cells. 

Phenol-Free Xeno-Free 

At Rebirth we use Phenol-free media. We avoid Phenol as it is a chemical compound that can be toxic and lead to the introduction of undesirable side effects. In addition we use Xeno-free media which eliminates any foreign components such as animal derived components or fetal bovine serum (FBS). With Xeno-free media, microbial contamination is minimized, and likewise, the potential introduction of foreign agents is minimized. Phenol-free and Xeno-free media make for an optimal environment for stem cell growth and maintenance. 

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Stem Cell Passage Line at Svenson Lab

The Best Passage Cell Line

We prioritize the selection of the best passage cell line for your stem cell requirements. Following stem cell isolation, we advance carefully by culturing the cells to expand their numbers. We opt solely for primary cell culture, which represents the earliest possible stage of cell growth. Moreover, we handpick only the strongest early passage cells. Our scrupulous selection process is in place to make sure you receive stem cells of unparalleled quality. 

Specific Surface Antigen Test

At Rebirth we know the critical importance that people receive genuine stem cells. We go above and beyond to verify the specific surface antigen expression, which is unique to multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells. This process is conducted in accordance with the criteria set forth by the International Society for Cellular Therapy. By sticking to these meticulous standards, we guarantee that the stem cells you get are genuine with exceptional regenerative potential.

Antigen Test at Svenson Lab
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Low Rates of Cell Death

At the Svenson Laboratory, due to our detailed process, the mortality rate of procured stem cells is significantly reduced. We are typically able to keep upwards of 98% of the cells alive in the laboratory. When it comes to treatment, low quality frozen stem cells from other providers typically come in doses of 100 million cells with only around 5% of the cells remaining alive after entering the body. But at Rebirth, our premium stem cell infusion involves only 40 million cells, with approximately 90% of the cells remaining alive after the infusion. Correspondingly, patients at Rebirth experience significantly better results from treatment.

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